EKG Interpretation Seminar: Diagnostic Skills for Myocardial Ischemia, Infarction, Current Treatment Strategies and Lead Selection for Atrial Fibrillation

Due to the inherent knowledge, skills, practice locations, and populations of patients served by practitioners of anesthesiology, emergency and critical care medicine, the physicians, nurses, and other advanced care providers are summoned to interpret the EKG reading and often treat the underlying dysrhythmias. This program is designed to update these practitioners with the latest information on this body of scientific information. This course offers 8 contact hours.

Workshop Dates Location (*) Coming Soon
1/22, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada  
4/9, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada  
9/3, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada  
10/3, 2018 Gatlinburg, Tennessee  
10/31, 2018 Key West, Florida  
12/10, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada  
2/4, 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada *
10/2, 2019 Gatlinburg, Tennessee *