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Clarence Fenimore (Connie) Ward was born July 14, 1944 in Portsmouth, VA. He attended UVA for both undergrad and medical school, graduating from Medical School in 1969. He married Gretchen in May of 1969 and joined the US Navy Reserves (USNR), where he attended Flight Surgeon Training in Pensacola, graduating #1 in his class. He then completed an internship year at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and moved to San Diego in 1971.


Connie deployed to the USS Kitty Hawk in 1971 and then the USS Ranger in 1972-1973 as a Flight Surgeon/Medical Officer and was on both carriers in that capacity, but also taught himself how to be the Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) of the F-4 (by reading books and spending time in the simulator). He flew as a RIO in a number of sorties during his time on the carriers in the Vietnam War and was the first aviator in their Air Wing to earn an Air Medal. 


He then returned to San Diego, was stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station as part of the USNR and decided to pursue an Anesthesiology residency at UCSD. Rotations included 3 months at SickKids in Toronto and 3 months at San Francisco General in the ICU. After completing his residency, he received a staff position at UCSD as an Anesthesiologist and Clinical Professor 


In addition to his work in clinical anesthesia, he researched and published on impaired physicians and risk of drug addiction in anesthesia. Connie continued his work with impaired physicians his entire career, helping colleagues with interventions, placement in rehab, and a progression back into the workforce, as well as speaking on the subject at the ASA for many years.


He left UCSD in 1989 and began working private practice at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla. Connie retired from the USNR at a Captain in 1995, and retired from practicing as an Anesthesiologist in 2013. 


He obtained his SCUBA certification in the late 1960s/early 1970s and continued to dive until the 2010s. We joked that he had the same dive equipment for the entire time.


Connie started lecturing for Northwest Anesthesia Seminars in 1982, and quickly rose to popularity. Connie provided insightful, as well as humorous lectures for NWAS for over 34 years.


Above all, Connie was a loving father, husband, and grandfather.  He always made sure his family knew they were loved and that he was proud of them. Connie passed away October 20, 2018, with his wife Gretchen and 3 daughters Tracy, Lynn and Diane at his bedside. 


For those wishing to make donation in Connie’s Memory, two favorite charities of Connie and Gretchen Ward are:


Warrior Foundation | Freedom Station
A 501(c)3 all volunteer organization to assist, honor and support injured service members as they transition into civilian life.


Puppies Behind Bars —

An organization that provides service dogs for combat veterans with physical injury, TBI or PTSD.


helping In this difficult time, we are thinking of those that have been affected by Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence. NWAS has made a donation to the Red Cross in support of recovery efforts.

If you would like to donate, we encourage you to visit

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Enjoyed the speakers, all very knowledgable and gave very interesting lectures which I will find helpful. Thanks for answering all our questions.


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Excellent speakers, great delivery, good current material, not too complicated or simplified. Good food, good environment.


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Well prepared, extensive knowledge base, communicated content to target audience in fashion to maintain interest.


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All of the faculty were down to earth with clinically relevant information. I derived a great deal of knowledge from theis meeting. Excellent job!


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As always I was pleased with the meeting topics, lecturers and location! Your company does a great job! Thank you!


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Very knowledgeable instructors with slides that will help me in practice if I need an up-to-date residence-based reference. This is my first conference with NWAS which was a very good experience. Look forward to attending conferences with you all once a year!


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Awesome presentations on obesity and Tap Blocks/Exparel. Lots of great info and learned a lot that I can bring to my practice.


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I love this seminar. Everything was organized. It was great having Wednesday as a free day and that would be crucial for me to continue coming to the NWAS seminar! Thank you! Presenters were all great and certainly had different teaching styles but I found Dr. Joshi to be absolutely top notch--loved his studies--this style was more in line with what I expected! I learned a lot. He had very current updates.


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There were many good take-home points from all the lectures. The speakers were all quite good.


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