Why should I stay at the same hotel or resort that the seminar is being held?

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2016-06-17 23:57

Staying in guest rooms at the Northwest Anesthesia Seminars official conference hotel helps us offset the costs of meeting space, group food and beverage, and many other costs associated with our meetings. Most all-inclusive properties will charge you a fee to enter the property for the day even though you are only attending a meeting. These are sizeable costs to the organization that must be covered.


Attendees who stay in other non-official hotels do not help offset these expenses nor do they limit the Company's liability for low sleeping room usage at our contracted hotel(s) which then increases our exposure to financial penalties. Your assistance in helping Northwest Anesthesia Seminars in this regard will, in turn, help to keep its conference costs reasonable which will be a great benefit for all of us now and in the future.


Thank you!

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