How do I use my points to pay for my tuition?

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2016-06-29 00:09

First, you will need to request your FAPs balance. You will receive your balance via email. You may request a phone call if you do not wish to receive the information by email. (Please see FAQ "How do I find out how many points I have?")


Once you have received your FAPs balance, you may request to have your points applied in the following ways:


Prior to registration:


- You may indicate on your online registration form that you would like to use your FAPs. You may do this in the "Comments" box located at the bottom of your registration form.


- You may inform the customer service representative over the phone at the time of registration that you would like to use your points.


After you have already registered:


- You may email your request to Make sure to state your name and which seminar you are wanting your points applied to.


-You may call our office at 1-800-222-6927 and speak to a customer service representative. Please indicate which seminar you would like your points applied to.

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