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In addition to our in-person meetings, we are also offering live webinars over select dates. For more information, visit  Additional live webinars will be added, so please check back frequently.


In the event we must cancel a meeting due to the pandemic, all registered attendees will be contacted via email and phone and a notice will be posted on our website.


If you are enrolled in a course that has been cancelled, you should receive a phone call and email with additional details (please check your spam).


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From a satisfied client:
Excellent faculty and lectures, only through NWAS will I ever be in the presence of such stellar individuals to glean understanding and knowledge and wisdom. Thank you.
Current Topics in Anesthesia
Gulf Shores, Alabama- June 2021
Enjoyed the speakers, all very knowledgable and gave very interesting lectures which I will find helpful. Thanks for answering all our questions.


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
NWAS consistently has a good program, teachers and facilities.


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Duck Key, Florida
The most important thing I decide when choosing seminars is content--[NWAS] has always met and exceeded my expectations with course content and knowledgable UPDATED info. This is truly appreciated and why I keep coming back. Thanks!


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Duck Key, Florida
All three lecturers were obviously prepared, interested in the topics in which they were presenting, and offered current research and recommendations from the literature and expertise. I found this conference enjoyable and beneficial. Thank you.


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Duck Key, Florida
Excellent speakers, great delivery, good current material, not too complicated or simplified. Good food, good environment.


Topics in Anesthesia
Las Vegas, Nevada
Well prepared, extensive knowledge base, communicated content to target audience in fashion to maintain interest.


Topics in Anesthesia
Las Vegas, Nevada
All of the faculty were down to earth with clinically relevant information. I derived a great deal of knowledge from theis meeting. Excellent job!


Topics in Anesthesia
Las Vegas, Nevada
As always I was pleased with the meeting topics, lecturers and location! Your company does a great job! Thank you!


Relevant Topics in Anesthesia
Nashville, Tennessee
Very knowledgeable instructors with slides that will help me in practice if I need an up-to-date residence-based reference. This is my first conference with NWAS which was a very good experience. Look forward to attending conferences with you all once a year!


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Palm Beach, Aruba
Awesome presentations on obesity and Tap Blocks/Exparel. Lots of great info and learned a lot that I can bring to my practice.


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Palm Beach, Aruba
I love this seminar. Everything was organized. It was great having Wednesday as a free day and that would be crucial for me to continue coming to the NWAS seminar! Thank you! Presenters were all great and certainly had different teaching styles but I found Dr. Joshi to be absolutely top notch--loved his studies--this style was more in line with what I expected! I learned a lot. He had very current updates.


Current Topics in Anesthesia
Palm Beach, Aruba
There were many good take-home points from all the lectures. The speakers were all quite good.


Current Anesthesia Topics
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Great content, great faculty giving the lectures, and great places where you plan the lectures! Thanks.


Anesthesia Topics
Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
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